Wonders of the world

Some creations of nature and human hands amazes with its greatness, beauty and size. These truly magnificent tourist attractions could enter into the list of the greatest wonders of the world.


The Great Buddha of Thailand – is a stunning size statue in Ang Thong province, also known as Phra Buddha Maha Nawamin. Great Buddha was declared as one of the highest and most magnificent statues of the world: built to a height of 92 meters, Maha Nawamin is covered with gold and creates a genuine sense of awe and admiration. Construction of the statue lasted for 18 years!


image - dreamplango.com

One more grandiose creation of human hands – it’s a giant Tropical Islands water park. The world’s largest water entertainment center is located in Germany, in the small village near Berlin, and occupies the area of 70 000 hectares! Built inside the former hangar for airships, the water park features dozens of pools, water slides, cafes, restaurants and even its own rainforest!


image - caprizulka.ru

The Butchart Gardens
– is one of the largest and most magnificent parks in the world. Located on the peninsula of Vancouver, Canada, the botanical garden was created by Butchart family in the former quarry in 1904. On the vast territory, covered with a lush greenery, grow over a million plants represented in 900 species. Hundreds of thousands of travelers visit the park throughout the year to see with one’s own eyes the stunning extravaganza of colors and paints.


image - motrealchina.com

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