Amazing Switzerland

Switzerland is rightly recognized as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe – despite of its small area, it can amaze with its wonderful beauty and spectacular views. Just look at some of popular touristic attractions:

Reichenbach Falls
Located near the town of Meiringen Reichenbach Falls is recognized as the highest and most powerful waterfalls in the Alps and is definitely one of the most popular among tourists. It gained its fame thanks to the world-famous writer sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who chose Reichenbach Falls as a place of death of his literary hero Sherlock Holmes.


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Chillon Castle
Stunning Chillon Castle rises over the waters of Lake Geneva and amazes with the majesty of the forms and grandeur of the buildings. In the halls of the Chillon Castle preserved interior and furnishings of the 12th century – in that age the residence belonged to Savoy dukes. Spacious, bright halls, luxurious rooms and dark dungeons – all the places create an unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the long-forgotten feudalism and attract tourists with its mysteries.


Old City of Bern
The Old Berne is a historical part of Bern – the city founded in 1157. The old town was rightly recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site – narrow streets, unique buildings and fountains, even stones on the pavement save a particle of the past centuries. Walks around the city are really exciting and local attractions fascinate with its mystery and magnificence. Stunning cathedrals and churches, bridges and fountains, streets and halls await for tourists in the old city of Bern.

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© Mark Fadeev

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