Amusement parks of Thailand

Kingdom of Thailand can impress with not only the centuries-old traditions and picturesque beauty of rainforests and coasts, but also with unique amusement parks. Let’s move from sunny beaches and azure sea waters and look at the Thai tourism on the other, no less interesting, side.

Dream World
Giant amusement park represents Thai version of Disneyland, in many respects even surpassing the world-famous park – Thai coloring, unique atmosphere and, of course, plenty of different attractions make Dream World unique. Come to the park in a morning – hundreds of entertainments, located on the 30-acres of the vast territory, will plunge you into the world of fun and positive emotions.04dream-world01
image – Cuti-Trip
Mini Siam
Mini Siam Park – is an unique in its kind park, museum or even exhibition. Here guests can see the many attractions of Siam Kingdom and the world – just in smaller variant. Here are the Grand Palace, Buddhist temples, famous Eiffel Tower, London Bridge and many more. Make a little trip around the whole world.caption1
Safari World
Animal lovers definitely should to visit Safari World, where they can see and even touch rare animals, birds and amazing sea livers. An unique feature of the park is the peaceful coexistence of different species in the same environment – on the spacious grounds, where was recreated the atmosphere of wild nature, are the frolicking zebras and antelopes, strolling lions and tigers, and in the marine part of the park there are performances by dolphins and seals.safari-world-bangkok1


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