Five interesting facts that you didn’t know about Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia – it is an unique country in Southeast Asia, having its origins from the Khmer Empire – the ancient state emerged long before the birth of Christ. I decided to tell you a little more about this amazing country and gathered some interesting facts. Let’s start!

There are practically no streets in Cambodia, which would have the original names! It seems incredible, but all the streets of the country simply numbered and are named according to their numbers – № 38 lane, № 7 avenue, № 320 street. Use your navigator while strolling – it’s very easy to get lost here!

image — roughguides

Useful information for tourists: in Cambodia you can use not only the local money – riel – but also American dollars! You can pay with your bucks at a restaurant, buy gifts, clothing and make many other purchases.

image — Khmer Times

Cuisine in Cambodia is very diverse and this is not surprising, because the national dishes represents collection of all the best of the cuisines of the neighboring countries. Moreover, the “cornerstone” of the Cambodian cuisine is a rice.

image — Shore Excursion Asia

Surprisingly Cambodia became known country throughout the civilized world thanks to the thriller filmed by director Simon West! The movie «Lara Croft – Tomb Raider» that was made in Cambodia, promoted the country and attracted new visitors.

image —

Nowadays people in Cambodia celebrate numerous celebrations. The country has a complicated system of holidays that every year is celebrated with a lot of fun and joyfulness. Even a usual wedding in Cambodia is feasted for 3-5 days!

image —

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