Vacations in Florida: the best resorts and beaches

Miami Beach
Sun-drenched Florida, USA, is famous to the whole world with its luxury hotels, youth parties and, of course, white sand beaches. The most popular one is the Miami Beach. Dozens of kilometers of crystal clear sand, azure water and mass of all sort entertainments and pleasures – here is many places to rave out, as well as to have a quiet rest.Картинки по запросу
image — GiangChauNews

Daytona Beach
Among the beaches of the east coast there is the nice one that is popular among surfers and night party lovers – Daytona Beach. Long and picturesque, covered with soft white sand, Dayton is an ideal beach for active rest: there are all kinds of sport entertainments, delicious street food and tons of fun waiting for party-goers to make unforgettable weekend.5228f2f23d25f6ca6200068b_1427392412966_2048
image —
Clearwater Beach
Family couples should pay their attention to the resorts of the western coast, where all members will able to enjoy the rest – as adults, as well as their kids. Clean, warm and always serene water, numerous restaurants and cafes and developed infrastructure await travelers on the Clearwater Beach. Children will be interested to have some fun in beach water parks and parents will enjoy playing volleyball or relaxing with sunbaths, drinking a cocktail.

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