Beer Capital of the world: top three best beer restaurants in Prague

Someone in Germany or Belgium may object, but you can taste the most delicious beer in the world only in Prague, in Czech Republic. No wonder that the city is called the beer capital of the world. This classic drink is brewed here from the end of the 10th century! Prague beer has an unique flavor and just can’t be disliked by those, who have luck to taste it. Well, if you really want to taste one, it’s better to do in the one of the best beer restaurants in the city!

U Khalicha

Beerhouse U Khalicha is undoubtedly one of the most popular pubs among tourists, and this is not surprising – the writer Jaroslav Hasek gave the restaurant the best advertising for next few centuries by telling about it in his famous novel about good soldier Schweik. Beerhouse U Khalicha saved an unique interior, atmosphere and tradition to brew delicious beer.


U Fleku
Well-known for the whole Czech Republic beer restaurant “U Fleku” welcomes guests from all over the world since the beginning of the 15th century! It is worth to visit for each traveler, whether it is a beer lover, fan of Czech traditions or just a curious tourist. Large spacious halls, decorated in a traditional style, flavored dark beer with notes of caramel, delicious Czech cuisine and even a small orchestra, giving mini-concerts in the garden, await you in the beerhouse. An ideal place to know old traditions of brewing and to try yourself in role of taster.


U Černého Vola
In pub “U Černého Vola” you can feel the true Czech culture and to know the sense of the beer drinking process. Tourists are a rarely guests here, so the atmosphere of the past centuries may not be broken by modern music or smartphone clacking behind every table. Hospitable owners will serve you a big pint of beer, fry a couple of traditional Czech sausage and entertain with interesting family story.


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