The most exciting attractions of Bangkok

The capital of Thailand – is a stunning metropolis, saved the whole uniqueness of Thai culture and local coloring. Bangkok is opened to its guests with bright colors: numerous architectural monuments and tourist attractions will please all travelers – modern shopping and entertainment centers, wonderful temples, palaces and green parks are waiting for visitors from all over the world.

Siam Ocean World
Continuing talking about entertaining and educational attractions of Bangkok, I would like to tell you about such an unique place as Siam Ocean World: a huge aqua-center represents an amazing aquarium area of 10 square kilometers, deep water of which is a home for more than 30 thousands of marine species. Most interesting for visitors will be a sail by a boat above the water, through the clear bottom of which visitors will be able to see a wonderful world in a close distance.

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The Grand Palace
Undoubtedly the most famous and grandiose landmark of Bangkok is a famous Grand Royal Palace. Two hundred and twenty square kilometers are built with majestic pagodas and palace buildings. Millions of tourists visit the former residence of the Royal Family, because plenty of relics and monuments, collected during the reign of the dynasty, impress with its magnificence. In a one word – visit to the Royal Palace is a necessary for everyone. I recommend!

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Jim Thompson House
Another unusual and unique Bangkok landmark is a house-museum of the american businessmen Jim Thompson: in the 60s silk magnate, who had several luxury houses and estates in different Thai provinces, ordered to transfer all his houses to the capital of the country – there he started to keep his precious collection of historical relics and antiques.
From the day of disappearance of magnate, estates and houses of American were open to visitors. Nowadays travelers from around the world can visit this historic corner and discover all the magnificence of Thai culture.

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