Attractions of Amsterdam


Every year amazing city of Amsterdam attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, wanting to see numerous preserved medieval memorials or to have a fun with the allowance of tolerated Dutch laws. If you have the same idea of such a trip in your plans, then this article will be extremely interesting for you.

City Channels

I couldn’t to ignore the famous Amsterdam canals, the crystal-clear waters of which surround the historical district of the city. Arriving in Amsterdam, the first thing worth to do – is to sail through the amazing city canals. During a leisurely romantic sail you will be able to see most of the main architectural and historical attractions. Unique atmosphere of Amsterdam canals can not be descripted in words – you need to feel it by your own. There is the one thing I can say for sure: Amsterdam canals are not inferior of Venetian.

Картинки по запросу channels of amsterdam
image — Wikipedia


Museum-Gallery of Vincent Van Gogh

All lovers of fine art definitely should to visit a large museum, dedicated to the works of the famous artist Van Gogh. Stunning paintings of the Dutch creator are exhibited in the halls in chronological order according to the years of painting and express the life story and blossom of Vincent’s artistic talent. The gallery is rightly considered as the biggest collection of Van Gogh works, hundreds of which are exhibited here!

Похожее изображение

image — Wikimedia


Museum-gallery of marijuana, hashish and cannabis

I promise you that the most interesting and memorable adventure in Amsterdam will be a trip to the unique museum of cannabis. Perhaps you shouldn’t to get children to the museum, but the gallery’s excursion program is aimed only for cognitive purposes – guide will tell only the noblest sides of the famous marijuana. It is not a secret that cannabis is now an extremely important material used in medicine and production of many useful things. Amsterdam museum will dispel any stereotypes and tell a lot of interesting information.

Похожее изображение

image — skyscrapercity

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