Islands of Thailand: Ko Chang

Koh Chang is one of the most famous islands of Thailand – as well as one of the largest and most picturesque.

Here, travelers may find white-sand beaches, stunning views, delicious cuisine and many interesting attractions.

The first thing I recommend to do upon arrival to the island is to rent a scooter as it will be pretty difficult to travel around, despite the availability of island taxis. Having a bike you will be able to explore a whole island and visit all the attractions: waterfalls, viewpoints, elephant and fishing villages, national park and many other interesting places.

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Beaches of Koh Chang are one of the main advantages of the island. They are not two or even three beaches, but a dozen: small and wide, wild and built-up by hotels, rocky and sandy.

White Sand Beach is one of the most popular beaches – it’s famous for crystal clear sand, lush exotic trees, growing by the sea and creating a natural shadow, and numerous restaurants and cafes. In addition, in evening all venues set up tables and sunbeds at the edge of the sea and organize colorful fire shows.

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A separate theme to discuss is island cuisine. Bright aromas and colors of street food make you hungry in a moment: exotic fruits, seafood, barbecue made of all kinds of meat, fruit fresh and smoothies, as well as traditional dishes of rice and noodles – all of it is sold for the cheapest price.

Lovers of restaurant food will find wide range of restaurants for every taste and budget – here are restaurants serving dishes of dozens of cuisines.

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Koh Chang is an ideal place for any type of traveler – as for a fan of outdoor activities, as well as for a lovers of beach relaxation and gastronomic tourism.


Mark Fadeev for Travel Awesome

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