Amazing island of Koh Si Chang, Thailand

The best remedy to treat fall and winter depression, vitamin D deficiency and sadness – to move to Thailand, to Ko Si Chang island as soon as possible! It is recommended to take an unlimited dose of relaxation in a morning, afternoon and in a evening with cocktails and fresh juices! Rest on Ko Si Chang – a remedy that is not addictive and doesn’t threaten with overdose – isn’t it a dream for those who need rest mind and body?

Koh Si Chang3

If you love to conquere waves, relax on a sunbed under umbrella, enjoy countless cocktails and all the amenities for a comfortable rest, then Haad Tham beach is a perfect place for you where such an awaited sunbed already waits for you!
But if you wish to enjoy silence and wildlife, then the small nameless beaches of Ko Si Chang will give you a truly heavenly satisfaction.
If you want to see an unforgettable panorama of the island, then we highly recommend you to visit Chinese Temple, which is located on the top of the mountain. Picturesque nature, crystal clear water, white sandy bottom, amazing waterfalls of mangrove jungles – Ko Si Chang will share all these beauties to you and will welcome you to come again!

Koh Si Chang

Truly magical morning is a wake-up not from an annoying hustle and bustle, but from sounds of the sea which is in a couple of meters from your apartments; It is a hearty breakfast with vitamins, delicious coffee or fruit wine from local cellars; It is easy breeze blowing through open windows, it is a stunning view overlooking white-sand beach and the sea ..
Magic morning is a morning on Ko Si Chang Island.

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