Attractions of Europe: Berlin, Germany

Hello friends! Today we will move to Central Europe and visit a great capital of Germany – Berlin. The city is famous for its rich history, stunning architecture of buildings, countless attractions and is a popular tourist destination. I have chosen few extremely interesting places, which will interest any guest of Berlin.

TV Tower of Berlin
Is it your first visit to Berlin? Then you should to start your trip around the capital by visiting the famous Berlin TV tower. Structure reaches 368 meters in height and is considered to be one of the highest constructions in Europe. There is an observation platform placed on the level of 204 meters in a huge rotating ball, as well as several popular restaurants that will be an ideal place for rest and sightseeing of local beauties from a bird’s-eye. Of course if you will be lucky to book a table.
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Attractions of Amsterdam


Every year amazing city of Amsterdam attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, wanting to see numerous preserved medieval memorials or to have a fun with the allowance of tolerated Dutch laws. If you have the same idea of such a trip in your plans, then this article will be extremely interesting for you.

City Channels

I couldn’t to ignore the famous Amsterdam canals, the crystal-clear waters of which surround the historical district of the city. Arriving in Amsterdam, the first thing worth to do – is to sail through the amazing city canals. During a leisurely romantic sail you will be able to see most of the main architectural and historical attractions. Unique atmosphere of Amsterdam canals can not be descripted in words – you need to feel it by your own. There is the one thing I can say for sure: Amsterdam canals are not inferior of Venetian.

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Los Angeles Attractions about which you haven’t heard

Los Angeles, LA, City of Angels – a legendary giant city, one of the most populated in United States, has become a popular world center of culture, education and art. Los Angeles abounds with just an incredible amount of the most famous attractions. But today I won’t talk about the world famous Avenue of the Stars or Hollywood Sign on the hill – I will try to surprise you with something original!

Olvera Street

To spend a good time in original way in a place where were not all of your friends – is not an easy task for such a popular city as Los Angeles, but possible. Olvera Street – is a truly unique place – probably the most Mexican street of the city, and perhaps the whole country! Stunning houses and mansions, built in Latin-American architectural style, unusual for a urban city Mexican little stores, funny companies of musicians entertaining tourists on the street, fruit stores and unique atmosphere of pure joyfulness make this area the best place for entertainment.

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Main London attractions

Hello friends! I’ve got spontaneous mood to tell you about a wonderful city of wonderful European country – about english London. There are so many interesting places in the capital of Great Britain that I probably will make even a cycle of blogs! Some attractions described below may seem to you as already known to the whole world, but how could I ignore such popularities?

Elizabeth Tower, Westminster Palace Clock Tower, Big Ben

Speaking about the sights of London it is impossible not to mention the world famous London Clock Tower, the largest clocks in the world. Big Ben was built in 1859 and served as a city clocks. Now the tower plays very important role in the country’s history and in everyday life – every hour bell rings gone hours, and every winter it marks starting of a new year. In a one word – Elizabeth Tower is a main landmark of London. And because of it you can’t go to London and not to visit Big Ben.

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The most exciting attractions of Bangkok

The capital of Thailand – is a stunning metropolis, saved the whole uniqueness of Thai culture and local coloring. Bangkok is opened to its guests with bright colors: numerous architectural monuments and tourist attractions will please all travelers – modern shopping and entertainment centers, wonderful temples, palaces and green parks are waiting for visitors from all over the world.

Siam Ocean World
Continuing talking about entertaining and educational attractions of Bangkok, I would like to tell you about such an unique place as Siam Ocean World: a huge aqua-center represents an amazing aquarium area of 10 square kilometers, deep water of which is a home for more than 30 thousands of marine species. Most interesting for visitors will be a sail by a boat above the water, through the clear bottom of which visitors will be able to see a wonderful world in a close distance.

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Tourism in India: where to go

In such bright, colorful and welcoming country like India any traveler can spend its time with pleasure – whether it’s a wealthy businessman or a student-backpacker. India is literally full of wonderful sights and interesting places, evenly located throughout the country. Let’s find out where is the best place to go for you.


New Delhi
Capital of India is an excellent choice as for lovers of history and culture, as well as for lovers of shopping and urban entertainments. Old city is literally filled with all kinds of monuments of the past and keeps the centuries-old history of Indian culture. At the same time the capital is built up with modern high-rise buildings, fashionable boutiques and numerous entertainment venues, where you can have a lot of fun and spend some money to good use. In one word – in Delhi you can learn India from all sides.

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Attractions of New York, about which you may not have heard

New York – it is the city of majestic skyscrapers, bright shopwindows and popular attractions. But let’s leave the world famous Statue of Liberty and Broadway and turn our attention to the no less interesting places, though not so popular.

Lincoln Center
An unique complex of cultural attractions, exactly – the centers, where every day guests may enjoy stunning musical and ballet performances of the highest level. Dozens of magnificent buildings built in the 1960s on the 30 platforms are waiting for lovers of cultural enjoyments to impress visitors with numerous events – there are 500 concerts conducted at the Lincoln Center annually.

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Main attractions of Singapore

Singapore – it’s an amazing city, the capital and the whole country – three in one. The country, which less than in 80 years has become one of the most developed countries in the world, certainly can impress guests with plenty of stunning futuristic exhibitions, buildings and attractions.

Singapore Ferris Wheel

Singapore – it’s a one big attraction, where every house and store has its own unique design and interior. The best place to explore all the city’s beauties will be the famous Singapore Ferris Wheel. Giant wheel rises to a height of almost 170 meters – for 30 meters higher of the famous “London Eye”. Not everyone will dare to rise to such height, but it’s worth to do: from the highest point of the wheel you will be able to enjoy spectacular picture – even to see neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia.

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City of future: things to do in Tokyo

Capital of Japan – it’s a stunning, truly unique city, known all over the world as a futuristic metropolis. Tokyo can impress with modern exhibitions and innovative technologies, as well as with great monuments of Japanese culture. I picked for you some interesting sights – for any taste and preference.

Ginza District
Ginza District – it is certainly main and most popular district of Tokyo, where placed numerous restaurants, trendy boutiques, exhibition halls and buildings of world-known electronics manufacturing companies. Here you can spend your time visiting exhibitions of futuristic technologies or modern anime, to taste an authentic Japanese cuisine and, of course, to find a way to spend your money!

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