Islands of Thailand: Attractions of Koh Samui

Samui Island – it’s an amazing place, an island piece of Thailand, which is perfectly suitable as for fans of active rest – backpackers, as well as for lovers of carefree relaxation. The island is full of interesting places: beautiful parks, botanical gardens, temples, butterflies and crocodiles farms – there is all you want to see. I have tried to choose a couple of interesting attractions that you should to see without any doubts.

Samui Beaches
Naturally, the main reason why travelers from the whole world comes to Samui – it is the beaches. Sun-drenched coastline attract with crystal clear sand and azure waters. There are numerous picturesque places near the sea – for any taste. Famous beaches Chaveng and Lamai are ideal for surfing enthusiasts and lovers of other water activities. On the beaches of Baan Tai and Coral Cove travelers can relax and unwind in surrounding of lush tropical forest.

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Main attractions of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – is one of the largest cities in Brazil, a giant metropolis, filled with bright colors and a real Brazilian flavor. Rio is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America – stunning views, unique historical monuments, spectacular carnivals and exciting excursions are waiting for travelers. I chose a couple of attractions that anyone should to see!


One of the main symbols of Rio de Janeiro it’s definitely large-scale wonderful carnivals, held on the unique street – Sambodromo. Long wide road passes directly in the heart of Rio and represents a kind of stadium, but elongated one – on both sides of the street there are towering grandstands and VIP-couches, which can be accessed during a performance or rehearsal of dancers. Many events are held on the Sambodromo, but the main performance of the year begins in late winter, on the annual carnival, when thousands of participants unite in a one collective dance, flashing with bright costumes and
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Tourism in Vietnam: where to go?

 Vietnam – is an amazing country with a rich history, but it have got on the top of tourist market relatively recent. Many travelers do not even know what “treasures” Republic of Vietnam conceals.
Nha Trang
Nha Trang – is the most famous and popular resort in Vietnam among tourists all over the world. The city is located on the south of the country and represents an ideal place for travelers of all ages, incomes and preferences. It’s kinda resort set: there are white beaches with clear water, stylish modern hotels and various entertainments and pleasures. However, there is a couple of nuances: in winter there is a cool and rainy weather and also there are pretty much people – about 500 000 inhabitants live and work here.Image result for nha trang
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Beer Capital of the world: top three best beer restaurants in Prague

Someone in Germany or Belgium may object, but you can taste the most delicious beer in the world only in Prague, in Czech Republic. No wonder that the city is called the beer capital of the world. This classic drink is brewed here from the end of the 10th century! Prague beer has an unique flavor and just can’t be disliked by those, who have luck to taste it. Well, if you really want to taste one, it’s better to do in the one of the best beer restaurants in the city!

U Khalicha

Beerhouse U Khalicha is undoubtedly one of the most popular pubs among tourists, and this is not surprising – the writer Jaroslav Hasek gave the restaurant the best advertising for next few centuries by telling about it in his famous novel about good soldier Schweik. Beerhouse U Khalicha saved an unique interior, atmosphere and tradition to brew delicious beer.

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North of Thailand: picturesque beauty and breathtaking views of Chiang Mai

Coming to Thailand for the second time and want to change hot resort atmosphere? The northern province Chiang Mai would be an ideal option. Ancient temples, scenic parks and mountains covered with greenery – all of it awaits you in the largest city of the northern region.
Chiang Mai Zoo
Chiang Mai Zoo – one of the best parks in Thailand – will be an ideal choice for a family visit and memorable place of your trip. Chiang Mai Zoo is located on the outskirts of the city and occupies an extensive area covered with natural greenery, trees and flowers. The spacious open-air cages, where is recreated all conditions of real habitat, you can see all kinds of animals as harmless herbivores, as well as threatening predators, dozens of species of birds and, most importantly, a couple of really cute pandas, peacefully munching bamboo. In addition, there is a large aquarium on site.

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Vacations in Florida: the best resorts and beaches

Miami Beach
Sun-drenched Florida, USA, is famous to the whole world with its luxury hotels, youth parties and, of course, white sand beaches. The most popular one is the Miami Beach. Dozens of kilometers of crystal clear sand, azure water and mass of all sort entertainments and pleasures – here is many places to rave out, as well as to have a quiet rest.Картинки по запросу
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Things to do in Beijing

Unexplored areas of the Great Wall
What is the most famous and popular tourist attraction in China? Certainly the Great Wall of China! But don’t hurry to purchase touristic trips and excursions – locals recommend to spend time more entertaining – to explore unknown areas of architectural monument. Experts advise to visit those areas of the wall, which aren’t popular among numerous tourists – Gubeikou, Jinshanling and others. It’s pretty easy and inexpensive to get to – bus ticket costs 25 yuan.amazing-world-7
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Three unique Frankfurt attractions

Banking district (Bankenviertel)
What do you think, what the city is depicted on the photo? Maybe it is the one of the main business districts of New York City? Or perhaps it is the central part of Moscow, Bangkok or Tokyo? Oh no, it’s not. It is the one of the most unique districts of Frankfurt – Banking district. This area is famous with its unusual architecture of buildings: all streets is built up with stunning skyscrapers, plowing the heavens. And despite that all the buildings is occupied by banks and business centers, tourists are allowed to go inside, inspect them, and even dine at one of the restaurants, located on the upper floors.Картинки по запросу
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Amusement parks of Thailand

Kingdom of Thailand can impress with not only the centuries-old traditions and picturesque beauty of rainforests and coasts, but also with unique amusement parks. Let’s move from sunny beaches and azure sea waters and look at the Thai tourism on the other, no less interesting, side.

Dream World
Giant amusement park represents Thai version of Disneyland, in many respects even surpassing the world-famous park – Thai coloring, unique atmosphere and, of course, plenty of different attractions make Dream World unique. Come to the park in a morning – hundreds of entertainments, located on the 30-acres of the vast territory, will plunge you into the world of fun and positive emotions.04dream-world01
image – Cuti-Trip
Mini Siam
Mini Siam Park – is an unique in its kind park, museum or even exhibition. Here guests can see the many attractions of Siam Kingdom and the world – just in smaller variant. Here are the Grand Palace, Buddhist temples, famous Eiffel Tower, London Bridge and many more. Make a little trip around the whole world.caption1
Safari World
Animal lovers definitely should to visit Safari World, where they can see and even touch rare animals, birds and amazing sea livers. An unique feature of the park is the peaceful coexistence of different species in the same environment – on the spacious grounds, where was recreated the atmosphere of wild nature, are the frolicking zebras and antelopes, strolling lions and tigers, and in the marine part of the park there are performances by dolphins and seals.safari-world-bangkok1