Main attractions of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – is one of the largest cities in Brazil, a giant metropolis, filled with bright colors and a real Brazilian flavor. Rio is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America – stunning views, unique historical monuments, spectacular carnivals and exciting excursions are waiting for travelers. I chose a couple of attractions that anyone should to see!


One of the main symbols of Rio de Janeiro it’s definitely large-scale wonderful carnivals, held on the unique street – Sambodromo. Long wide road passes directly in the heart of Rio and represents a kind of stadium, but elongated one – on both sides of the street there are towering grandstands and VIP-couches, which can be accessed during a performance or rehearsal of dancers. Many events are held on the Sambodromo, but the main performance of the year begins in late winter, on the annual carnival, when thousands of participants unite in a one collective dance, flashing with bright costumes and
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