Beer Capital of the world: top three best beer restaurants in Prague

Someone in Germany or Belgium may object, but you can taste the most delicious beer in the world only in Prague, in Czech Republic. No wonder that the city is called the beer capital of the world. This classic drink is brewed here from the end of the 10th century! Prague beer has an unique flavor and just can’t be disliked by those, who have luck to taste it. Well, if you really want to taste one, it’s better to do in the one of the best beer restaurants in the city!

U Khalicha

Beerhouse U Khalicha is undoubtedly one of the most popular pubs among tourists, and this is not surprising – the writer Jaroslav Hasek gave the restaurant the best advertising for next few centuries by telling about it in his famous novel about good soldier Schweik. Beerhouse U Khalicha saved an unique interior, atmosphere and tradition to brew delicious beer.

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Top 3 sweet desserts that are worth a taste in Czech Republic


Wonderful country Czech Republic is famous for not only an amazing architecture of cities and originality of customs, but also an unique delicious desserts. I have compiled for you the small list of sweet dishes that are certainly worth a taste.


Trdlo – it is an original tasty dish that looks like puff donuts or sweet tubes. At first trdelnik was cooked in Transylvania, but most of all is loved in Czech Republic – there it’s cooked everywhere and always and recognized as one of the main national delicacies. Cooking of the dish is quite simple, but requires some skill: a dough is wrapped around a steel rod and processed by the fire, and then sprinkled with walnuts and sugar. Real jam!

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