Main London attractions

Hello friends! I’ve got spontaneous mood to tell you about a wonderful city of wonderful European country – about english London. There are so many interesting places in the capital of Great Britain that I probably will make even a cycle of blogs! Some attractions described below may seem to you as already known to the whole world, but how could I ignore such popularities?

Elizabeth Tower, Westminster Palace Clock Tower, Big Ben

Speaking about the sights of London it is impossible not to mention the world famous London Clock Tower, the largest clocks in the world. Big Ben was built in 1859 and served as a city clocks. Now the tower plays very important role in the country’s history and in everyday life – every hour bell rings gone hours, and every winter it marks starting of a new year. In a one word – Elizabeth Tower is a main landmark of London. And because of it you can’t go to London and not to visit Big Ben.

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