Attractions of Europe: Berlin, Germany

Hello friends! Today we will move to Central Europe and visit a great capital of Germany – Berlin. The city is famous for its rich history, stunning architecture of buildings, countless attractions and is a popular tourist destination. I have chosen few extremely interesting places, which will interest any guest of Berlin.

TV Tower of Berlin
Is it your first visit to Berlin? Then you should to start your trip around the capital by visiting the famous Berlin TV tower. Structure reaches 368 meters in height and is considered to be one of the highest constructions in Europe. There is an observation platform placed on the level of 204 meters in a huge rotating ball, as well as several popular restaurants that will be an ideal place for rest and sightseeing of local beauties from a bird’s-eye. Of course if you will be lucky to book a table.
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Three unique Frankfurt attractions

Banking district (Bankenviertel)
What do you think, what the city is depicted on the photo? Maybe it is the one of the main business districts of New York City? Or perhaps it is the central part of Moscow, Bangkok or Tokyo? Oh no, it’s not. It is the one of the most unique districts of Frankfurt – Banking district. This area is famous with its unusual architecture of buildings: all streets is built up with stunning skyscrapers, plowing the heavens. And despite that all the buildings is occupied by banks and business centers, tourists are allowed to go inside, inspect them, and even dine at one of the restaurants, located on the upper floors.Картинки по запросу
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Wonders of the world

Some creations of nature and human hands amazes with its greatness, beauty and size. These truly magnificent tourist attractions could enter into the list of the greatest wonders of the world.


The Great Buddha of Thailand – is a stunning size statue in Ang Thong province, also known as Phra Buddha Maha Nawamin. Great Buddha was declared as one of the highest and most magnificent statues of the world: built to a height of 92 meters, Maha Nawamin is covered with gold and creates a genuine sense of awe and admiration. Construction of the statue lasted for 18 years!

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