Traveling around Asia: South Korea, Seoul


Hello friends! I decided to continue the series of urban giant cities and this time I chose a stylish futuristic city, the capital of Republic of Korea – Seoul. There are so many interesting sights and attractions, so I will separate my article into a couple of parts. Have a nice time and welcome to Seoul!

63 building (Yuksam Building)

Stunning modern skyscraper, located in the central part of Seoul, is one of the main symbols of the capital and it attracts thousands of tourists every day. In times of building Yuksam was considered as one the tallest buildings in the world and proudly carried this title for many years.

Now the main skyscraper of South Korea represents a unique complex that gathered not one or two shopping centers – dozens of shops, boutiques, entertainment venues, restaurants and cafes are located on 63 spacious floors of the building. Tourists of all ages and incomes will find entertainments here for every taste. And the icing on the cake is underground aqua center located on the ground floor. Continue reading “Traveling around Asia: South Korea, Seoul”