Glanzu dropped the prices of all tour services

As a result of productive cooperation, Glanzu has signed a contract with a new payment gateway, which allowed to significantly reduce the prices of all air tickets, transfers, hotels, tours and medical programs. In addition, you can now pay in the currency of the country in which your card was issued.

Moreover, our prices already include all fees and local taxes 🙂

Let’s take a look of several examples (if you don’t want to read, then go check it on :))

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Long-awaited updates on Glanzu

We’ve added 36,000 of new hotels with real-time confirmation – now we have a huge selection of different accommodation options in Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia and Bali at a great price! And most importantly – on Glanzu you can book a hotel together with a transfer, excursion or any other travel service, simply by putting them together in a shopping cart. No extra transitions to third-party websites – all in one place!

In addition, Glanzu offers thousands of worldwide and domestic air tickets! You can keep them in your shopping cart – you no longer need to hurry, because the air ticket price and availability may be updated in a one click!

From now on you can plan an entire travel in advance and create your dream trip!

We’ve also updated the design of the main page and created colorful video presentation  Check it out on

Tale of a wonderful booking system

Chapter first. Prologue.

Once upon a time…Wait, is it a fairy tale? This is the most real history of a unique and unrepeatable booking system! Interesting? Then take a cup of cocoa and listen…

Long time ago, in far 2003, the group of co-founders decided to do a good deed and make life of all travelers easier – they decided to create a unified booking system where everyone could make a tour of his dream, system which allow to buy air tickets to Thailand from anywhere in the world, to choose perfect hotel and to plan everyday adventures. They’ve created Ivan Susanin website…



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Amazing island of Koh Si Chang, Thailand

The best remedy to treat fall and winter depression, vitamin D deficiency and sadness – to move to Thailand, to Ko Si Chang island as soon as possible! It is recommended to take an unlimited dose of relaxation in a morning, afternoon and in a evening with cocktails and fresh juices! Rest on Ko Si Chang – a remedy that is not addictive and doesn’t threaten with overdose – isn’t it a dream for those who need rest mind and body?

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Islands of Thailand: Ko Chang

Koh Chang is one of the most famous islands of Thailand – as well as one of the largest and most picturesque.

Here, travelers may find white-sand beaches, stunning views, delicious cuisine and many interesting attractions.

The first thing I recommend to do upon arrival to the island is to rent a scooter as it will be pretty difficult to travel around, despite the availability of island taxis. Having a bike you will be able to explore a whole island and visit all the attractions: waterfalls, viewpoints, elephant and fishing villages, national park and many other interesting places.

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Family rest: Pattaya, Thailand

In the last few years resort town of Pattaya has become one of the most popular tourist destinations not only of Thailand, but of a whole world. Thousands of travelers choose Pattaya as their first Thai resort to meet the Country of Smiles.
It’s not a secret that many tourists are looking for carnal pleasures and entertainments, nevertheless families may have no less wonderful and exciting rest here than in any other part of the country. I will tell you about the most interesting tourist attractions, where it would be interesting to go with children.


Floating Market
Huge floating market located in Pattaya is the largest water shopping mall in the world. And this is the best place to get acquainted with Thailand: here travelers will see a large village fully filled with shopping scores, drifting shops and floating cafes. Here guests will fully feel real Thai flavor and hospitality.
Except hundreds of various and unusual products, visitors will be invited to enjoy bright shows and entertaining performances that are held on the market during a day. Come here, take a boat and start your sailing around floating shops – I promise, you haven’t had such an exciting shopping before!

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Vacations in Thailand: resort city of Hua Hin


Wonderful city of Hua Hin is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Thailand. The city is famous for its white beaches, enjoyable prices and hospitable locals. Nevertheless, you can relax and have a fun here not only on a beach. Today I am going to tell you about the most interesting attractions of Hua Hin.

Summer residence of King Rama VI

As always, choosing a couple of sights of different types, I decided to start with a historical one. To rest in Thailand and not to visit any famous palace or temple is an unacceptable mistake. If you go from the airport directly to Hua Hin, then the first place after the beach, which is worth to visit – is the summer not-acting royal residence.

About 100 years ago King Rama VI ordered to build a special palace for the royal family, where it would be pleasant to rest in the summer heat. All the palace buildings were built with using of teak wood, decorated in refined traditional style and later saved in its original form. At the wide park area visitors can make a little bicycle trip and enjoy the beauties of the picturesque royal garden.

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