Los Angeles Attractions about which you haven’t heard

Los Angeles, LA, City of Angels – a legendary giant city, one of the most populated in United States, has become a popular world center of culture, education and art. Los Angeles abounds with just an incredible amount of the most famous attractions. But today I won’t talk about the world famous Avenue of the Stars or Hollywood Sign on the hill – I will try to surprise you with something original!

Olvera Street

To spend a good time in original way in a place where were not all of your friends – is not an easy task for such a popular city as Los Angeles, but possible. Olvera Street – is a truly unique place – probably the most Mexican street of the city, and perhaps the whole country! Stunning houses and mansions, built in Latin-American architectural style, unusual for a urban city Mexican little stores, funny companies of musicians entertaining tourists on the street, fruit stores and unique atmosphere of pure joyfulness make this area the best place for entertainment.

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Attractions of New York, about which you may not have heard

New York – it is the city of majestic skyscrapers, bright shopwindows and popular attractions. But let’s leave the world famous Statue of Liberty and Broadway and turn our attention to the no less interesting places, though not so popular.

Lincoln Center
An unique complex of cultural attractions, exactly – the centers, where every day guests may enjoy stunning musical and ballet performances of the highest level. Dozens of magnificent buildings built in the 1960s on the 30 platforms are waiting for lovers of cultural enjoyments to impress visitors with numerous events – there are 500 concerts conducted at the Lincoln Center annually.

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Vacations in Florida: the best resorts and beaches

Miami Beach
Sun-drenched Florida, USA, is famous to the whole world with its luxury hotels, youth parties and, of course, white sand beaches. The most popular one is the Miami Beach. Dozens of kilometers of crystal clear sand, azure water and mass of all sort entertainments and pleasures – here is many places to rave out, as well as to have a quiet rest.Картинки по запросу
image — GiangChauNews

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